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1. It is recommended that a qualified craftsman install shower pans.

2. Always store pan flat to avoid warping and out of direct sunlight.

3. Be sure the pan will fit by measuring pan and opening. Shower pan edges can be ground down and studs can be notched.

4. If using a 2" ABS, cut it level with the floor so that the pan rests on it. The drain opening is 3 3/8". Opening can be enlarged with a half round file.

5. Install drain before installing pan. Use silicone to seal drain. Plumbers putty will not compress and drain will not seat as low as it should, which will interfere with drainage.

6. The rubber gasket and fiber washer go next to the bottom nut. The washer keeps the nut from binding.

7. The rubber bushing inside the drain will go in later from the top.

8. The shower pan should have a flashing around the edges against the wall to make it watertight. Some marble pans have molded flashing and others need separate plastic flashing. Plastic flashing is applied with the large side down and sealed with silicone.

9. Once pan is set, install the rubber bushing, then the inside nut. Be sure the nut and ABS are low enough to allow the drain cover to fit properly. If you utilize the tool provided to tighten the nut, be sure not to drop it down drain. A string will help avoid loss.

10. Level the pans using shims if necessary. Test pan with water to assure proper drainage.

11.The waterproof sheet rock, factory side down, should come down to the top of the flashing to prevent possible siphon action.

12. After pan is installed, protect it from paint, spills, gritty boot soles, falling tools, etc. A few minutes of prevention can save hours of clean up or repair.

13. See American Marble's instructions for proper care of your new pan.

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