American Marble

Procedure For Making & Installing
Template Materials

Templates are required for some materials to assure that the product is the right size and shape.

To make a template:

1. Use a rigid material such as door skins (available at building supplies). Do not use cardboard, paper, etc. as they are too flexible and will change the overall dimensions.

2. The template should reflect the exact size and shape of the finished product. Do not make it the size of the cabinet or roughed in deck, etc. or it will not allow for the necessary overhangs on open sides.

3. For vanity tops, mark the center of bowls or bowl cutouts. Indicate the faucet drill.

4. Mark the "TOP" to prevent confusion. Also, put your name on the template.

Manufacture of product:

1. Material shrinks during the curing process. This requires the marble technician to add to your dimensions slightly to allow for shrinkage. The marble installer will use your template to cut the product to the exact size for installation. We do not cut to fit.

2. Sharp angles and odd shapes may be eliminated during manufacture if they are not required as finished edges. The shape can then be cut using the template to assure proper fit.

3. Decks are usually best if made in one piece to eliminate seams. However, if it is extremely large you will need to make the template show where the dividing line should be placed. When the technician makes the deck, he may make it in one piece and cut at the dividing line to provide you with exact matching marbling to hide the seam.


1. Transport properly to protect product.

2. Have only a qualified marble installer install your product.

3. Template may be used to cut the product on the job for proper fit.

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