American Marble


To Install Cultured Marble:

1. Install bowl clips into studs in vanity top.

2. Silicone bowl and set on top when it is upside down.

3. Set bowl clips onto bowl.

4. Roll top over to center bowl and clean up silicone.

5. Allow to set for 24 hours.

To Install Cultured Onyx:

Note: When bottom mount bowls are installed in Onyx tops, the studs may show through. The Onyx is translucent and you may see a shadow where the studs are mounted.

Procedure One:

To install under mount bowls on an Onyx top, use self threading screws to attach the bowl clips. Drill a pilot hole for the screw, three on each side of the bowl or six total. Be sure not to drill through the top. If the self threading screw is too long, washers may be used. The bowl should be siliconed in place as noted above and dry for 24 hours.

Procedure Two:

1. Put 3/4" plywood on top of the vanity cabinet. You may want to inset the plywood inside the cabinet to hide the raw edge of the plywood.

2. Cut an opening larger than the bottom mount bowl you are installing.

3. Paint the plywood white.

4. Screw in the bowl clips.

5. Set the onyx top.

6. Dry mount the under mount bowl. If the bowl fits correctly then apply silicone to the top of the bowl.

7. Secure the bowl with bowl clips that are fastened to the bottom of the plywood with screws.

8. Check for alignment.

9. Clean up the silicone.

10. You will need to put trim on the cabinet to cover the raw edge of the plywood if the plywood wasn't inset.

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